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Friday, July 27, 2012

‘Stedda Bacon Recipe – for BLTs and ?

Today I had lunch with Terre, my friend who is a genius at invention. She invented basket containers on strollers before you could buy strollers with containers for stuff. Today, as we all know, strollers hold a lot more than just babies.

At lunch, Terre told me about her invention for a BLT without the B. It makes the use of toasted sesame seeds. Like many inventions, this one was tripped over by accident. Terre was just trying to toast sesame seeds one day when she discovered that they taste like BACON! So if you love BLTs like I do but want something insteada’ the bacon, try this:

Terre’s Recipe for ‘Stedda Bacon
(for BLTs or any food that benefits from the taste of bacon)

sesame seeds
oil (any kind)

Sauté sesame seeds until brown but not black. They brown fast.
(If they get black, throw them out and start over.)
Pour the seeds with the oil, sizzling hot, onto your sandwich, salad, or whatever.
The oil imparts a pleasant greasiness to the bacon-like flavor for your dish.

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