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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin - August 2013

Compiled and reported by Scott Mundro for Markesan Regional Reporter -

Tuesday, August 6 - Suspicious -  Police were notified by dispatch that a concerned caller had observed a driver of a vehicle who was being held at gunpoint as the vehicle was driving through Markesan. Police searched the area but were unable to immediately find the vehicle in question. Moments later, the driver of the vehicle called dispatch and stated he was at home and was fine. Police arrived on scene immediately. The driver stated the gun was on the front seat of the car, at which point, police discovered that the gun was a wooden toy gun. The individual who was waving the gun stated she didn't mean anything by it, but now knew that what she did was wrong. Additional sheriff's deputies arrived on scene but cleared the area once it was determined the gun was a toy and no one was in immediate danger.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Police Beat – Markesan, Wisconsin – July/August 2013

Reported by Scott Mundro for the Markesan Regional Reporter:

7/27/13 – Animal Problem – Police received a complaint of a dog barking on Hollander Street. Police traveled to the area and were able to identify the animal in question. Speaking with the owner, police asked that the dog be kept inside more, so as to prevent it from barking.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My new book, Dessert First, is done!

Once again I locked myself in our house trailer on Little Green Lake to finish a book.

Today I finished typing 80,000 words of Dessert First, a collection of favorites of my writing from the past thirty years.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Ripon, Wisconsin, eating coffee ice cream and drinking decaf.

The girl knows how to party. Woop woop!!!

If I were more technologically clever, I'd attach the cover design. It's a beaut. It's based on the photo above of my husband and me canoeing on Little Green last month. Our friend Kathy Hynes Prochnow snapped the pic with her phone as Mike and I were paddling like crazy people to get home before dark!

More to come...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Malinda Beck - a remarkable life

I had the privilege of knowing Malinda Beck for almost 30 years. She was the remarkable mother of my friend Pauline Beck. Here is the eulogy Pauline wrote for her mother....