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Monday, May 4, 2015

Going to "Casablanca" with the Symphony

Last month I went with my husband, Mike, to see "Casablanca" on a big screen at Milwaukee's historic Riverside Theater. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra played the score in real time along with the movie. The image above is from another theater, but it gives you an idea of the scene we experienced. Below is a picture of the Riverside:

Riverside Theatre

The show was a huge splurge for us, and I'm glad we did it. As always when I watch "Casablanca," I saw something I never saw before. This time, seeing the film on a big screen for the first time, Mike and I both appreciated the shadows more than ever - very noir. The best one is a shadow of Humphrey Bogart against the wall - so slender and natty even in silhouette. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Home Invasion: an April Fool's Day Surprise

On April 1, 2015, I had plans to look at a condo with my husband before work. At about 10:00 am I jumped into the shower. Forty minutes later, I was dressed and ready to go.

I walked into the kitchen and almost stepped on a notebook and piece of paper on the floor. I thought "That's odd - the cat never knocked anything off the counter before."

I glanced at the counter and realized that my purse was not there. I was sure I had parked it on top of the notebook and piece of paper - my daily "parcel to go." But I thought, Well, maybe I put it someplace else. I'll look for it later.

The idea occurred to me that someone might have entered our house during the little more than half-hour while I was showering and getting dressed, but I thought, Naahhh....