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Friday, August 25, 2017

The Secret of a Happy Marriage

Mike and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary on August 12th. We shared the day with our children and grandchildren and some honorary children and grandchildren. In the course of that day, two of them asked, “So what’s the secret?”

Friday, August 11, 2017

Rationalizations Unlimited and Poutine

I am founder and CEO of Rationalizations Unlimited. That means I can rationalize almost anything, especially expenditures that straddle that skinny line between needs and wants.

Where did the years go?

When I was young, I read the Milwaukee Journal Green Sheet because I loved the funnies and Mrs. Griggs's advice column and the announcements of 50-year anniversaries. I'd stare for a long time at the pictures of those folks who had been together 50 years. They all looked old.

Nowadays, you can still find 50-year anniversary announcements in the paper. The people look younger than they used to. . . maybe because of more hair dye and that "fitness fad" that started in the 70s? Maybe because I'm older now? I don't know.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

I regret to say there have been no reports of pigs on the highway and such. Things haven't been as slow as usual in Markesan. I'll spare you the details of domestic quarrels, OWIs, wanted persons, bad checks, automobile thefts, and accidents. 

But I will share some "softer" police concerns that make me happy I'm a part-time small-town resident. The police are kind and caring, and the citizens mostly try to cooperate.

Bargain of the Century: $10 Lifetime Senior Pass to National Parks & Federal Recreation Lands

I'm grateful for the power of word-of-mouth (or word-of-computer). I saw the notice months ago on Facebook: 

"Get it before it's too late! A lifetime senior pass to National Parks costs $10 until August 27. After that, it costs $80!"