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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is good taste in music anyway?

Sunday night Mike & I went to Falls Fest, a little annual street festival in our village of Menomonee Falls. When we got there, we saw a nine-piece "show band" playing in the biggest tent. Four of the players were on horns, doing the exact horn-man dance you used to see musicians doing in bands like Sam and Dave's back in the Sixties. These guys were so energetic in their dancing that I wondered how they still had breath left over to blow their horns. Oh yeah, two of them looked young enough to be in high school. Youth helps.

All the musicians wore shorts and tee shirts, except for the female singer - surprise, surprise. She looked foxy. I did miss the matching outfits we used to see in the old soul groups - they were dressed to impress.

I'd give you more description of the band, but I couldn't get close enough for a really good look. They were LOUD. I was mesmerized by the horn dancers, though, so kept watching from a distance.

They played some really excellent blues and soul music from the old days. I asked Mike, "How do these young kids even know those tunes?"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Just back from vacay - now I need one!

Just spent 11 days at our trailer on Little Green Lake. It's 1:30 pm on Monday and I still haven't washed up. I'm avoiding my own armpits. Thank God I don't teach until tomorrow.

When you return from vacation, it's a grand victory just to: