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Friday, July 27, 2012

Job Patrols at Family Reunions

Terre Woodward, my genius friend, is having about 40 people to her house next weekend for a family reunion. I told her she’s a better woman than I am. I burned out from having family reunions at my house. Too much cleaning. Now we rent a little park building.

Terre liked my Family Reunion Bingo blog, and she gave me a great idea after I told her that the older I get, the tireder I am after a reunion. Terre’s family divides the labor. Workers receive honorary titles and wear nametags to bugle their importance. Terre’s workers include:

-   Garbage liaison (pronounced with a French accent, like gar-BAJE)
- Coffee boss
- Mosquito whisperer
- Snack patrol
- Beer tender

Terre’s family members enjoy a big potluck meal, as mine do. Like us, they don’t worry about assigning dishes. As Terre says, “If there are six pots of baked beans… YUM!” However, she noted that individuals tend to bring the same (favorite) dishes every year. Same goes in my family.

I like the idea of family members taking titles. Maybe I’ll set out job nametags next year so folks can pick ‘em up and work the chore they choose. Perhaps I should add "Shoulder massager for all grandparents."

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