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Friday, September 1, 2017

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

Here is a late-summer listing of a few of the law enforcement concerns in little Markesan, Wisconsin - from the Markesan Regional Reporter. . . .I omit DUIs, domestic squabbles, robberies, car accidents, and such.

Finally we get action from livestock; I've been waiting all summer for this! (Remember, this list is more fun to read while humming the theme from the old "Dragnet" TV show.)

Saturday, August 12: Agency Assist - Markesan police were called for assistance west of Kingston on the report of individuals driving a golf cart on the roadway with no tail lights. When a Green Lake County Sheriff's Deputy located the vehicle, the individuals inside left the roadway and then fled on foot. When Markesan Police arrived on scene, the Deputy had made contact with three of the four involved individuals. Markesan Police assisted by providing officer safety as well as in the investigation before clearing from the scene.

Same day: Animal problem - 2:13 am - Markesan Police were dispatched to Markesan Resident Home on the report of a dog that was inside the building but had finally left, heading south on Margaret Street. Police arrived to find the dog sitting in a breezeway at the resident home. A short time later, Green Lake County Dispatch received a call from a Markesan resident stating their dog had escaped. Through previous professional contacts, Police were able to determine the dog in question belonged to the caller. The dog was then retrieved by the owner and Police cleared form the scene.

Saturday, August 19: Animal problem - 9:40 pm - While on routine patrol, Police were contacted by Green Lake County Dispatch who stated there were cows in the roadway by the Cenex Gas Station and that the owner would be arriving in about 10 minutes. Police arrived shortly after and used their squad car lights for traffic control while assisting the owner in returning the cows to the barn. After all cows had been properly corralled, Police then cleared from the scene.

Thursday, August 24: Animal problem 10:38 pm - While on routine patrol, Markesan Police observed a dog running alone in the area of W. John Street. Police were able to collect the dog and identify its owner. The dog was then returned to its residence on W. John Street. Police attempted to make contact with the dog's owner but could only leave a message via phone. Police informed the owner that he would be receiving a citation due to this being the third time the dog had been running at large in the previous two weeks.

Friday, August 25: Alarm - Police were dispatched to a Markesan business on the report of an alarm and motion sensors having been activated. Police arrived on scene and made contact with a female subject who stated she was there to clean and thought the alarm had been deactivated. The woman went on to state she had called the business security unit to deactivate the alarm, but it had not. Police performed a search of the area and then cleared from the scene.

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