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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

More notes from summer police calls in a small city, courtesy of Markesan Regional Reporter...

Friday, August 1 - Parking problem - Police were notified by a local gas station that a vehicle would be parked in the parking lot overnight because the owner was unable to get it started. The owner of the vehicle stated they would get the vehicle removed as soon as possible the following day.

Same day - Found Property - An individual came into the Markesan Police Department to drop off a jacket that was found in the roadway. There was no identification in the pockets of the jacket to allow police to contact the owner. The jacket was placed in lost and found.

Tuesday, July 29 - Found Property - Police were informed by dispatch that a local bank had recovered a bike left on their property. The bike was transported to the police department, where police were later able to meet with the owner of the bike and return his bike to him.

Same day - Utility Problem - Police were dispatched to a Manchester Street address on the report of a tree that had been cut down and had landed on a power line. Police arrived on scene and provided traffic control/road blocking with the assistance of Markesan Emergency Government until Alliant Energy arrived to attend to the downed wire.

Same day - Found Property - A found key on a key chain was delivered to the police department. The key was reportedly found at Soldiers and Sailors Park on Saturday, July 26. The key was tagged and placed in the police department's lost and found.

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