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Monday, August 4, 2014

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

It was a bad week for street poles and signs, but a good week for some clever detective work in the small city of Markesan, Wisconsin...(Thanks for reprinting from the Markesan Regional Reporter)....

Saturday, July 19 - Utility Problem - Police were notified of a downed street sign near Markesan Elementary School. Arriving on scene, police observed a "Stop Ahead" sign and the wooden pole it was hanging from had been broken at the base. Police noted that there were no skid marks in the street and no car parts in the area. Police took pictures of the scene and notified the City of Markesan's Public Works Department.

Same day - Property Damage Accident - Police were called to an East John Street address on the report of a vehicle collision with a mailbox. Police arrived on scene and located the driver of the vehicle, who said she was heading out of town when she thought she saw something move, which caused her to look away from the road. When she looked back, she had drifted to the side of the road, where she collided with the mailbox. Damage was reported to the lower left side of the windshield and the side of the vehicle by the rear view mirror, in addition to the rear view mirror being knocked off. The mailbox had also been knocked off its post in the collision. Police contacted the property owner so that restitution could be arranged. Police did not notice any intoxicants and other impairments. Police asked the driver to contact them if the damage ended up being over $1,000 s the proper paperwork could be filed.

Monday, July 14 - Theft - A North Main Street resident contacted police and stated that approximately $10 in change had been stolen from his unlocked vehicle at some point the previous night. The caller stated he was aware it was his own fault, but asked the incident be documented so that the community would be made aware.

Saturday, July 12 - Property Damage Accident - Police received a phone call from a Markesan resident who stated she had just seen a semi truck strike an electric pole on W. John Street. Police arrived on scene and spoke with the witness who described the truck and driver in question a short time later. As police spoke with the driver, the driver denied being involved in any accident. Police inspected the exterior of the driver's truck and found fresh rub marks on one side along with wood fragments that were still hanging on the trailer. Police and the individual went back to the scene of the accident where the driver stated he did not remember being there,but that he had gotten lost. Police collected the man's information as well as his insurance information.

Friday, July 25 - Parking Problem - Police were contacted by a property owner who stated that a vehicle was parked on property he is currently renting despite there being several "no parking" signs posted in the area. Police located the vehicle in question but were unable to contact the owners. A short time later, the owners of the vehicle arrived and removed the vehicle.

Thursday, July 24 - Property Damage - Police were notified that the slide at Kiwanis Park had been toppled over. Police attempted to right the slide, but it was too heavy to do by hand.

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