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Monday, July 21, 2014

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

Here's another installment of small-town crime details. I think the first report especially speaks of the kindness that lives in little cities. Remember to hum the march from "Dragnet" after you read each item... (Thanks again to the writers at Markesan Regional Reporter.)

Friday, July 11 - Citizen Assist - Police were called to a local business on the report than an employee was under the influence. Police arrived on scene and spoke with the manager, who stated customers had called due to the employee's condition. In speaking with the employee police were told that the employee had taken multiple medications that had been prescribed to her when she arrived at work in addition to drinking earlier in the day. Police agreed with the business manager that the employee should not be working, and the manager gave the employee a ride home to rest.

Monday, July 7 - Fireworks - Police were called to an E. John address on the report of fireworks being set off. Police arrived on scene, located the responsible individuals and informed them that lighting fireworks is against Markesan ordinance. The individuals understood and stopped at once.

Same day - Harassment - Police were informed by Green Lake County dispatch that a Markesan resident had called in regard to being harassed over the phone. On two separate occasions, Markesan officers attempted to make contact with the complainant but were unsuccessful. the case remains open pending further information from the complainant.

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