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Monday, July 14, 2014

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

Things have been hopping in the little city of Markesan, Wisconsin. Reading crime reports up there is kind of refreshing to those of us who hail from bigger towns. The report below is thanks to reporting in the Markesan Regional Reporter....

Sunday, July 6 - Juvenile Problem - While on routine patrol, police observed a juvenile sitting by the side of the road. The juvenile stated they had gotten into an argument with their parent and didn't want to go home. Police gave the juvenile a ride home and discussed the situation with the parent.

Saturday, July 5 - Found Property - A Markesan resident came to the Markesan Police Department to drop off a small, remote-controlled, helicopter drone that the resident had found on his property while mowing the lawn. Police were unable to determine the owner of the drone.

Tuesday, July 1 - Juvenile Problem - Police observed a juvenile riding his skateboard on a city street, which is in violation of the city ordinance. Police issued a verbal warning that if the juvenile was seen riding his skateboard on the street again, he would be issued a citation.

Same day - Abandoned vehicle - Police were notified of a possibly abandoned vehicle on E. John Street. Police were able to determine the vehicle's owner and notified the owner, in writing, to move the vehicle at his earliest convenience.

Monday, June 30 - Ordinance Violation - Police received a complaint regarding two individuals who allegedly rode their skateboards through a stop sign without stopping. Police were able to find the two individuals in question, who then admitted to riding through the stop sign without stopping. Police issued a verbal warning to both individuals.

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