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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Police Beat - Markesan Wisconsin

I'm immersed in editing my new book, Dessert First, so I'll say hi to you by way of "Police Beat" (entries compiled by Scott Mundro for Markesan Regional Reporter):

7/07/13 - SUSPICIOUS - Shortly after 4:00 p.m., police were contacted regarding a suspicious vehicle that had been parked on North Margaret Street for approximately a half-hour with a male waiting inside. Police approached the vehicle and made contact with the owner who stated he was waiting to meet up with someone for work. Police made contact with the second individual, a local resident, who confirmed the man's story.

7/03/13 - SUSPICIOUS - Police were contacted by a concerned citizen who believed he had witnessed a "drug deal" take place. Police made contact with one of the individuals involved. The individual was cooperative during the conversation and allowed police to see the contents of his pockets. Police observed no money and no drugs. Police were unable to locate the second individual.

7/02/13 - CRIMINAL MISCHIEF - Police were approached by local resident who stated she believed that her house had been shot. Police arrived at the home and observed three small holes near the front door. Police spoke with neighbors who stated the home's previous tenant was very "rough" on the house, often shooting it with a pellet gun, bow and arrow, and even hitting it with a hammer. Police contacted the property owner who was unaware of any holes in the property from the previous tenant.

7/01/13 - TRAFFIC HAZARD - While on routine patrol, police observed a low-hanging branch over Manchester Street. Police contacted Public Works, and employees removed the hazard.

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