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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin


On 6/29/13, Markesan experienced an armed robbery. Someone used a gun to hold up the local pharmacy. The robber wanted prescription drugs. Most of the police reports in Markesan resemble these as reported for the Markesan Regional Reporter by Scott Mundro:

6/3/13 - NOISE - Police were contacted by an anonymous complainant regarding a noise problem at an E. John Street residence. Police located the source of the noise and made contact with the residents, instructing the individuals to turn the music down or off. The individuals understood and complied.

6/16/13 - FOUND PROPERTY - Police were contacted by an individual who had lost his wallet and had learned that it had been found and would be turned in to the police department. Police were later contacted by the individual who found the wallet and wished to arrange a time to drop the wallet off. Once the wallet was in police possession, the owner was contacted.

6/13/13 - ANIMAL PROBLEM - Police were on routine duty when three cows were observed on Highway 44 in the ditch walking toward the roadway. With the assistance of a Good Samaritan, the cows were walked back to the property and the owner of the cows was contacted to secure the animals on the property.

6/11/13 - LOST PROPERTY - Police were contacted by an individual regarding a lost iPod Touch during June Dairy Days. The item was discovered lost after riding one of the carnival rides. The complainant spoke with the ride operator who stated someone did approach him with the iPod, at which point the operator instructed the individual to drop the iPod off at the ticket booth. After the complainant spoke with the ticket booth, however, it was discovered that no iPod had been dropped off.

6/11/13 - ANIMAL NOISE - Police contacted a local resident regarding her dogs that allegedly bark when no one is home. The individual advised that she would try to keep the dogs quiet.

6/11/13 - ODOR - Police were notified by dispatch of an anonymous complaint of a smoldering fire pit at a local business. Police arrived on scene and spoke with the owner of the business who stated he had cleaned out his office and was now burning numerous old binders, books and paperwork. Police asked that the fire be extinguished immediately. The business owner complied with the request.

6/10/13 - ANIMAL PROBLEM - A concerned citizen contacted police about a dog that was found in the roadway in front of Markesan State Bank. The dog was wearing a collar but no tags. The dog was transported to the Markesan Vet Clinic.

6/10/13 - ESCORT - Markesan police escorted a funeral procession for a local funeral home to Holy Family Parish. The escort took place without incident.

6/29/13 - CAR/DEER - During a routine traffic stop on Highway 44 in southern Markesan, police observed a semi tractor hit a deer. After being hit, the deer ran off, and police were unable to locate it.

6/29/13 - LOCKOUT - Police were dispatched to a N. Margaret Street address on the report of a subject locking his keys inside the vehicle. Police verified the driver's registration and gained entry to the vehicle. [There were two more such incidents reported.]

6/26/13 - CITIZEN ASSIST - Police made contact with a citizen who requested assistance in retrieving a carpet cleaner from a second party. However the complainant was unable to make contact with the second party. Police told the complainant to call if further assistance was needed.

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