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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

I regret to say there have been no reports of pigs on the highway and such. Things haven't been as slow as usual in Markesan. I'll spare you the details of domestic quarrels, OWIs, wanted persons, bad checks, automobile thefts, and accidents. 

But I will share some "softer" police concerns that make me happy I'm a part-time small-town resident. The police are kind and caring, and the citizens mostly try to cooperate.

(Cue the theme from "Dragnet". . .)

Tuesday, April 18: Juvenile Problem - Police were made aware of a post by a Markesan teen to a social networking site on the Internet; the post included discouraging statements against police officers. Having a positive relationship with the teen's father, police contacted the father to make him aware of the situation. Together with the teen's father, police then spoke with the teen who immediately knew why the police were there, as he began to apologize profusely.

Thursday, May 18: Citizen Assist - Police responded to a S. Bridge Street address on the report that a three-year-old child was locked in a bedroom. Parents reported the child had turned the lock accidentally and they couldn't get the door open. Police arrived on scene and were able to unlock the door and get the child out of the bedroom safely.

Monday, June 5: Traffic Misc. - Police were notified of a traffic incident that occurred in front of Markesan Public Library that had been caught on video surveillance. Police reviewed the videotape and were able to identify a driver that performed a "burn out" on Bridge Street. Police contacted the driver and gave him a formal and final warning, stating that additional poor and hazardous driving may result in future citations.

Monday, June 5: Animal Problem - Police were dispatched to East John Street on the report of two pit bulls running at large. Knowing the dogs' owner from previous professional contacts, police were able to collect the animals and return them home. Having previously warned the dogs' owner about the animals running at large, police issued the owner a citation.

Thursday, June 8: Welfare Check - Police were contacted by an outside agency who had not been able to reach a Markesan resident for several days. Police visited the resident's home and made contact with the individual to contact the outside agency.

Friday, June 9: Noise - Police were dispatched to a Grant Street address regarding a noise complaint. Police arrived on scene and spoke with the individuals involved. Police then cleared from the scene without incident.

Sunday, June 18: Agency Assist - Markesan police were dispatched via mutual aid to Hwy Q on the report of a remote controlled airplane that was allegedly flying low at traffic. Markesan Police arrived a short time later and were unable to locate the supposed airplane. Speaking with neighbors, no one reported hearing or seeing anything. After clearing the scene, and while driving back to Markesan, Police noted seeing a crop duster off of Hwy X that was flying around the area.

Tuesday, July 18: Found Property - While on routine patrol, Police found a Razor Scooter in a park. Unable to find the owner in the area, Police brought the scooter back to Markesan Police Department and placed it in the department's storage room until someone comes to claim it.

Monday, June 19: Noise - Police were called to a W. John Street address on the report of loud music being played. Police arrived on scene and were able to identify where the loud music was coming from. Police made contact with the resident responsible for the noise and requested that loud music should be quieter starting at 10 pm. The individual understood and stated they would keep the music at a lower level in the later evening.

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