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Monday, June 9, 2014

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

Almost every weekend during the warm months, my husband and I live in our trailer on Little Green Lake in Markesan, Wisconsin. We appreciate the slow pace there and the relative lack of crime. Yes, there are some serious crimes in Markesan: domestic disputes, drunken driving, some burglary. But much more often, the local paper features news like the following items in its weekly "Police Beat" (courtesy Markesan Regional Reporter):

Monday, May 12 - Agency Assist - A request for mutual aid was called in to Markesan police by the Green Lake County Sheriff's Department regarding a possible missing person at a Spring Grove Road address. Markesan police were told that an elderly man at the residence had left his home and had been gone for over an hour. Markesan police arrived on scene and began searching the area. The search was called off a short time later when the man was located in his garage, asleep.

Saturday, May 10 - Lockout - Police were called to a local business on the report of a vehicle lockout. Police arrived on scene, confirmed the complainant's license and registration and safely unlocked the vehicle without incident.

Same day - Escort - Police provided a funeral escort through the City of Markesan without incident.

Thursday, May 8 - Miscellaneous - While on routine patrol, police observed the emergency pump shut-off light flashing at a local gas station. Police searched the area and found nothing out of the ordinary. Due to the high winds, police surmised that the wind had blown the lid of a nearby garbage can up, and it hit the button. Police requested dispatch to contact the gas station's key holder to determine what should be done, and the key holder stated they would have an employee deal with it in the morning.

Wednesday, May 7 - Citizen Assist - Police were contacted by a N. High Street resident regarding a parking issue on a shared driveway in which the complainant was unable to get out of the parking lot without driving on the lawn. Police attempted to contact the problem-vehicle's owner without success. The complainant was eventually able to exit the driveway by driving over the lawn. Police told the complainant that if the vehicle was not moved by morning, they should notify the police again.

Same day - Property found - Police were contacted by a Markesan resident regarding a set of keys his granddaughter had found on Summit Street. Police took ownership of the keys and placed them in the lost and found.

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