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Monday, June 30, 2014

Outdoors Summer Checklist (Before You Grow Up!)

Priceless ideas for summer fun...written by my friend Mary Kult and published in my church newsletter, Good Shepherd's "Breaking Bread":
How will you celebrate the bonus daylight? Consider the following for yourself, children and grandchildren:
1. Check out three new summer words: crepuscular, cartographer, and echolocation.
2. Look for a crepuscular mammal.

3. Catch a firefly; check out where the glow comes from; look for signs of them communicating.

4. Visit a state park and participate in one of their summer programs.

5. Learn and participate in letterboxing.

6. Visit a farmers' market and try to  make a summer meal for $20.

7. Collect, paint and write on a rock; look under the rock for surprise critters.

8. Visit a honeybee farm.

9. Make watermelon salsa.

10. Navigate with a map.

11. Go butterfly-watching.

12. Have a water balloon fight.

13. Pick summer berries.

14. Participate in a watermelon seed spitting contest.

15. Make sun tea.

16. Make ice cream.
[PS The image above is a photo of my "adopted" grandbabies Bella and Alaina playing in the sand at Little Green Lake in 2011.]


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