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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Police Beat – Markesan, Wisconsin – July/August 2013

Reported by Scott Mundro for the Markesan Regional Reporter:

7/27/13 – Animal Problem – Police received a complaint of a dog barking on Hollander Street. Police traveled to the area and were able to identify the animal in question. Speaking with the owner, police asked that the dog be kept inside more, so as to prevent it from barking.

7/25/13 – Fireworks – During routine patrol, police observed fireworks go off in the area of Bridge and John streets. Shortly after, police were contacted by dispatch regarding a complaint about the fireworks. Police continued to patrol the area on foot when another firework was set off close to where they were. Turning around the corner of a building, police came across two individuals. The individuals admitted to being the ones setting off the fireworks, stating they were “just drinking and having a good time” because a friend was back in town. Police issued a formal, written warning and instructed the two men to stop lighting fireworks.

7/22/13 – Fraud – Police were contacted regarding a possible case of fraud between a Markesan resident and an individual who contacted the complainant through Speaking with the complainant, police were told that the complainant was selling an item on Craigslist, and that a check for the first half of the payment from the buyer had bounced, causing the complainant to believe that some sort of fraud may be involved. Police collected the information from the complainant, but told the complainant that because he did not lose anything in the transaction, there was nowhere for the case to go.

7/20/13 – Found property – While on routine patrol, police observed two girls walking near the elementary school; one was carrying a skateboard. Police had observed the two girls minutes earlier without a skateboard so they stopped their fully-marked squad car to ask the girls about the skateboard. Apparently seeing the squad car, one of the girls set down the skateboard, as both proceeded to walk in the opposite direction. Police asked the girls to stop and proceeded to ask the girls where they had gotten the skateboard. The girls stated they had found it near the elementary school and were going to walk around to try to find the owner. Police took the skateboard and checked the area in an attempt to locate the skateboard’s owner, without success. The skateboard was placed in the Police Department’s lost and found.

7/20/13 – Citizen Assist – Police were contacted by a W. Catherine Street resident regarding her power being out. The complainant contacted police because when she turned the breaker back on, a power line in her basement began “sparking.” Police instructed the complainant to keep the breaker off and then contacted the power company to inform them of the situation.

8/04/13 – Citizen Assist – Police were contacted regarding a perceived harassment that occurred between a member of Emergency Management and a juvenile. On scene, the complainant told police that the member of Emergency Management turned on his emergency lights and scared the juvenile as he was dragging some brush across the street to be used as firewood. Police were able to identify the Emergency Management member, and spoke with him about the incident. A short time later, the juvenile contacted Markesan police and apologized for alerting police about the incident, stating the member of Emergency Management was probably just helping by alerting other vehicles that he was crossing the street.

8/02/13 – Animal Problem – Markesan police were contacted for mutual aid on county Highway 73/44 regarding cattle that were in the roadway. Police arrived on the scene and found approximately eight cows in the roadway. Police were able to walk the cows back to a nearby barn, but were unable to locate the owner. A sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene a short time later, as Markesan police cleared the scene to respond to a call in the City of Markesan.

7/29/13 – Found property – shortly before 7:00 pm, police turned over a cell phone, that had previously been turned in, to its proper owner.

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