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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reviews of "Dog Woman" and "Don't Worry Baby" from REAL people

I've been trying to get reviewers to look at my two recently-published novels, Dog Woman and Don't Worry Baby. This is a hard sell because reviewers tend to shy away from self-published books, even though well-respected authors have self-published (including Mark Twain, Beatrix Potter, Carl Sandberg, Virginia Wolff, and Edgar Allen Poe).

I recently had some reviews from real people that made my millenium....

For Dog Woman (a book for adults and proficient young readers):
"It was the second best book I ever read. It was sad, but good."       
- Sam, age 9 (I never found out what his first-favorite book was.)

"I'm legally blind so I get books on tape through a volunteer group that reads and records books for visually impaired people. I was listening to my recording of Dog Woman and at one point, the reader could hardly get through the words because she  was bawling so hard." 
- Kris, an adult reader of a certain age

"It's the best book I've ever read. I'm not done yet. I'm to the part where they knock down the dog woman's house."                              - Anna, age 10

For Don't Worry Baby (a book for adults) -

"I finished reading Don't Worry Baby yesterday. I never knew that your writing was so entertaining. I really enjoyed it, kinda like reading an Evanovich book, no really!!! Hope there's a sequel or two. I was pulled in from the start. Way to go!              - Danette, a reader from Illinois

"I keep reading parts to my daughter so she sees how we used to talk. Who's that on the cover? Pretty cool picture, man."                         
- Mary, a reader from Wisconsin

Here's to more reviews, from ordinary readers and professional reviewers alike!

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