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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My vote is the kiss of death

My mom always said, "I vote for the man." I'm an independent voter like she was. I vote for the man or woman based on what I perceive is integrity.

You do not want me voting for you. I have an almost perfect record of voting for the guy who lost in the U.S. presidential elections. In only one case, since I've been old enough to vote, have I voted for a winner. I've underlined my votes, below:

1972 McGovern vs Nixon
1976 Carter vs Ford
1980 Carter vs Reagan
1984 Mondale vs Reagan
1988 Dukakis vs. George H.W. Bush [*This was my only winning vote.*]
1992 Clinton vs. George H.W. Bush
1996 Clinton vs. Dole
2000 Gore vs. George W. Bush [I voted for Nader.]
2004 Kerry vs. Bush
2008 Obama vs. McCain
2012 Obama vs. Romney

I voted yesterday for the 2012 race. I have the feeling that my vote is the kiss of death for any presidential candidate. Maybe if I don't tell anyone who I voted for, my guy will win...? Tune in later for my confession.

POSTSCRIPT NOVEMBER 7, 2012: Yup. Kiss of death. My apologies, Mr. Romney. Carry on, Mr. President. And please, I beg you - cut our national debt. Don't leave that legacy for our children and grandchildren.

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