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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Frustration dreams

I hate frustration dreams.

I had a real champeen of a frustration dream last night.

I was in a huge warehouse-like place, trying to get a car wash. There was a long wait. . . and wait . . . and wait. I had a brand-new tiny black kitten in the car with me. I loved that kitten.

Finally I got my car washed, but they forgot to charge me. So I left my car to go give them my money, but got stuck in a line, where I waited. . . and waited. . . and waited.

I eventually gave up on ever getting the chance to pay, and I returned to my where I had left my car. My key worked but it was the wrong car. I talked to an attendant nearby, and he told me that he had moved my car. 

Sure enough, I found my car. But the kitten was gone! Of course the man who moved the car didn't realize the kitten was inside.

I searched and quickly found the little black purring ball of fur. I was happy and I finally drove off.

What are frustrations dreams about? One I get from time to time is that I have to take a final exam in college but don't know what building the exam is being held in. They say a lot of people get those dreams, especially if they were conscientious students.

I don't know why I get them; all I know is that I hate them! . . . although I do laugh at them afterward. 

I wonder about other people . . . does everyone have frustration dreams?

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