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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Police Beat - Markesan, Wisconsin

When you live in a small Wisconsin town, crime reporting may bring you news of everything from lost bicycles to ducklings in peril. And always, always, there are stories of kind cops.

Once again I bring you news of small-town crime, courtesy of the Markesan Regional Reporter. (I delete more serious reports; there are some)...
Sunday, May 8 - Police were contacted regarding a possible threatening case between two individuals. Police contacted both individuals, who stated the issue surrounding threatening posts on Facebook. Police instructed both individuals to have no further contact with each other.

Monday, May 9 - Utility Problem - While on routine patrol, police observed an expired street lamp on North Bridge street, and a second light out at Willow Court/W. John Street. Police made note of the lights to forward to the City Clerk for replacement.

Wednesday, May 11 - Police were contacted through Green Lake County Dispatch regarding possible trespassing. Speaking with the complainant, police were told that a neighbor had been entering the complainant's residence and taking the complainant's dog. Police spoke with the alleged suspect, who denied entering the complainant's home. Police gave the alleged suspect a warning to stay away from now on.

Monday June 20 - Citizen Dispute - Police were called to a Sunrise Lane address on the report of a dispute between neighbors regarding someone mowing someone else's grass. Police arrived on scene and spoke with the complainant who stated a neighbor accused him of mowing his lawn. The complainant added that it was another neighbor who mowed the lawn. Police then spoke with the homeowner in question, whose lawn was mowed, advising him not to go on the complainant's property any more. The property owner stated he would soon be putting up a fence so no one else would be able to mow his lawn in the future.

Monday, June 20 - Animal Problem - Police were contacted by a concerned citizen who had observed several baby ducklings near a S. Main Street address while also stating the mother duck was deceased. Police arrived on scene and were able to collect seven baby ducklings. An eighth duckling escaped capture by way of a nearby sewer. Police contacted an area representative from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and located another area habitat for ducks. Police traveled to that area, observed several adult ducks and released the baby ducklings into the wild.

Wednesday, June 22 - Citizen Assist - Police responded to a S. Bridge Street address following an anonymous complaint about a neighbor burning something in his back yard. Police arrived on scene and found a small fire in which the homeowner in question was burning some small sticks. Police reminded the homeowner that City Ordinances only allow for small campfires and that no trash should be burned. The homeowner again stated that only small sticks were being burned and all other land waste would be taken to the dump. Police cleared from the scene.

Thursday, June 23 - Gas Drive Off - Police were dispatched to a local gas station on the report of a gas drive off. The gas station clerk stated the individual in question had pumped gas and then realized they didn't have money with them. The individual provided the clerk with his ID and stated he would be back shortly. When the man didn't come back, however, the clerk contacted police. Police then contacted Green Lake County Dispatch, who informed police that the individual in question had been arrested. When the man was eventually released on bond, the man told police he would pay for the gas the following day. Police instructed the man to make good on his promise or he would face additional charges.

Friday, June 24 - Found Property - Police were notified by the Markesan Post Office that a wallet had been found. Police retrieved the wallet and attempted to make contact with the wallet's owner based on an identification card in the wallet, but were unsuccessful. Police placed the wallet in lost and found.

Sunday, June 25 - Found Property - Police were notified of two bicycles near the front of Markesan high School that had been there for nearly three weeks. Police arrived on scene, retrieved the bicycles, and then transported them to the Markesan Police Department.

Sunday, July 3 - Agency Assist - Markesan Police were contacted by a Horicon police officer regarding a complaint from an unknown individual regarding a text message received from a City of Markesan resident. Police were able to locate the Markesan resident, who immediately admitted to sending a text message to a random person, acknowledging that it was a very stupid prank that he had read about elsewhere. The subject continued to apologize and asked if he would get in trouble. The Markesan Police Officer stated, "Probably," while adding that it would be up to Horicon Police regarding how they wished to proceed.

Tuesday, July 5 - Parking Problem - Police made contact with the owner of a camper trailer parked in the Markesan City parking lot. Police instructed the owner that his trailer could not be parked in the city lot and gave the man five days to move it to an appropriate location. Police also provided the man several examples of where the trailer could be moved to.

Monday, July 4 - Citizen Assist - Police received a complaint regarding a campfire at a S. Margaret Street address. Soon after, the resident of the house contacted police and stated that he would not be having a campfire because the current winds would blow the smoke toward the neighbors' houses. The resident added that he would only have a campfire if the winds changed and blew the smoke toward an open field behind the house. Police thanked the resident for his cooperation on the matter.

Friday, July 8 - Theft - Police were contacted by a Markesan man regarding the possible theft of gas from his gas tank. The complainant estimated that 10 gallons of gas had been stolen from his gas tank, but could not be certain because the gas gauge on his vehicle was broken. The complainant stated he became aware of the gas theft when his vehicle stalled in the middle of an intersection because it ran out of gas and needed to be towed. The complainant was uncertain who stole the gas, but wanted the theft to be noted in case it starts happening to other people.

Friday, July 15 - Noise - Police were dispatched to the Markesan Laundromat on the anonymous complaint of a large SUV in front of the building with its doors open and playing loud music. Police arrived on scene and located the SUV with its doors open, but did not hear any music playing. Police located the owner of the vehicle inside the laundromat. The female subject admitted to having the music playing earlier so that she and her daughters could hear it inside the laundromat as they were doing their laundry. Police gave the woman a warning and cleared from the scene.

Friday, July 22 - Bad Check - On behalf of a local merchant, Markesan police contacted a Markesan man who had issued a check in the amount of $15.80 to the merchant. That check was subsequently returned to the merchant by its bank as having nonsufficient funds. The individual in question has been instructed to make good on the debt and applicable fees on or before August 8 or face possible criminal prosecution.

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