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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas - Not So Bad After All

My grandson Liam (3) holding his brother Isaac (9 months)
For me, the Christmas season is like air travel: the dread of it is far worse than living it. 

Right before Thanksgiving, I think "Oh no, another Christmas season will I get through it?" 

But then December 25 comes and goes and I find I actually did enjoy it. This should not surprise me; I have made it easy on myself. I don't bake cookies or send Christmas cards. My house decorating takes exactly 30 minutes. I have eliminated so many of the "shoulds" that what I have left is fun. The hardest part for me was preparing for two family parties when I felt like I was swimming through Jell-o (I get "SAD" - Seasonal Affective Disorder - pretty bad).

Earlier in December, at a party of a group of old friends, I posed the question, "What makes Christmas magic for you?"

The answers were all about the same. Seems like our joy comes from watching our loved ones together, and from giving gifts.

I'm glad I went to that friends' party, because afterwards, I found myself paying more attention to watching when my own family gathered. The awareness made it more precious. Even when I was busy in the kitchen, I could hear the happy hubbub...and I felt grateful. No family is perfect, but I feel blessed to have one, and especially blessed that we enjoy each other.

The movie "Prancer" captures the magic of Christmas for me. It's a 1989 film with superb acting, an incredible musical score by Maurice Jarre, and real Midwestern snow. This family movie is a fairy tale, but it gives beautiful expression to the theme of love and loyalty after death has fractured a family.

Love and loyalty - the two best Christmas gifts. 
Jessie and Prancer - from the movie "Prancer"


  1. I am so glad to see that you are again posting things here...we miss you in Markesan. Beckie and I wish your family a bountiful New Year. We are now four in our household, a Daughter Tena and a 2 year old grand son Liam have joined us in our little home. More love and energy are filling our lives. Please keep blogging, Dick Leow

  2. Wow, thanks, Dick. It's always nice to know someone is out there. Writing is lonely work! I'm missing Markesan also...and our beloved lake. Here's to April!!