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Monday, June 10, 2013

Markesan Police Beat - June 6, 2013

This week there were some serious postings about OWIs and such. I don't reprint them. Here are the lighter ones:

6/2/13 - CITIZEN DISPUTE - Police were contacted by a Markesan resident regarding trash on a neighbor's lawn that at times came onto the complainant's lawn. Police asked the complainant if the concern had been addressed with the neighbor and if the complainant wanted police to address the concern. The complainant stated he would address the concern, but asked that the complaint be documented for further situations regarding the matter.

5/31/13 - ANIMAL PROBLEM - Police were contacted regarding a found dog. Police picked up the dog and were able to locate the animal's owner by the dog's tags. Police returned the dog to its owners.

5/30/13 - FOUND PROPERTY - Police were contacted by a Markesan resident who stated she had found a silver ring by her home. The citizen stated she is trying to find the owner of the ring in her neighborhood but wanted to inform police of the ring in case the owner reported it lost.

5/27/13 - LOST PROPERTY - Police were contacted by a female who stated she had lost her debit card. Police were asked to contact the complainant if it was found.

5/24/13 - ANIMAL PROBLEM - Police were contacted by a concerned citizen regarding a dog that was barking loudly and appeared to be vicious. Police were able to contact the owners who put the dog inside.

5/23/13 - FOUND PROPERTY - A Charter Employee dropped off a Nintendo 3DS to Markesan police with a carrying case. Police placed the Nintendo into lost and found and will be contacting the school to see if the owner can be located.

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