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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Police Beat - Markesan, WI - May 16, 2013

To properly read "Police Beat" in the Markesan Regional Reporter, you must hum the music from "Dragnet" between entries. We're back to traveling "up north" to Little Green Lake every weekend. Before we even get to our trailer on the lake, we pull into the gas station and pick up a copy of the Markesan Regional Reporter so we can find out what's been going on in town. Last week's paper had some rather sad reports of disturbances, citizen assists, citizen disputes, and an OWI. However, we did spot these two gems, gems that assure us that life in Markesan is pretty safe:

5/07/13 - CITIZEN ASSIST - Police were contacted by a local resident regarding a motorcycle that was left on their property approximately one year earlier. According to the complainant, the bike was left to be repaired; however, after the repair costs were determined, the bike's original owner abandoned the bike. The complainant further stated to police that the DMV stated local police could deem a vehicle as abandoned, which would allow ownership to be transferred to the property owner. After researching local ordinances, however, police informed the complainant that no ordinance appeared to give police such a power, further informing the complainant that the matter is civil in nature.

5/07/13 - TRAFFIC MISC. - A concerned citizen contacted police regarding the speed of traffic along North Street, a roadway that is largely dirt and not paved. Police ran stationary radar on multiple vehicles along road, which has a speed limit of 30 MPH. Police noted the vehicles driving as slow as 15 MPH and as fast as 22 MPH. Police also traveled the road, noting that at even 10 MPH a great deal of dust was kicked up behind the vehicle.


  1. What? No "dog barking" stories? Crime in Markesan isn't what it used to be.

    1. Perhaps this weekend we'll find a dog barking story, or better yet, a pig herd gone amok in front of the post office....