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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Police Beat, Markesan, WI, Aug. 9, 2012

I'll continue to record the "Police Beat" feature of the Markesan Regional Reporter, the newspaper of the town where my husband and I own a house trailer on a lake. Reading "Police Beat" may help us all get through this Silly Season of candidate mud-slinging. Mike and I find that these listings are most fun if read aloud. We punctuate each item with loud "Dum - dum - dum -" to the tune of the music from "Dragnet"...

8/3 Found Property: A large beach ball was dropped of to the Markesan Police Department with a note stating it was found blowing up and down N. Bridge Street. The ball was placed in the department's lost and found.

8/2 Suspicious: Police were called to Moorland Drive on the report of a suspicious looking vehicle driving up and down the street. Police arrived and made contact with the vehicle whose driver stated he was looking for a friend. The driver was found to have an active warrant.

8/2 Animal problem: Police were called to an E. John Street address on the report of a dog at large. Police responded and found a small dog running loose through the neighborhood. When police approached the dog, it ran to a house. Police made contact with the resident who claimed ownership of the dog and promised to keep the dog on their property from now on.

8/2 Hit and run: Police were called to Ted's Piggly Wiggly on the report of a hit and run accident. Police arrived on scene and made contact with the complainant, an employee, who stated their car had been backed into during the early morning hours of the store being open. Police collected evidence from the scene, including video surveillance from the store showing what customers had come in that morning.

8/2 Citizen assist: Police were called to a local downtown tavern by a tavern employee who reported several patrons were over the limit and it was time for them to go. Police arrived on scene a short time later and identified multiple individuals who appeared to be having problems standing up. Police offered the patrons a ride home, and they accepted without incident.

7/30 Parking problem: Police received an anonymous call regarding a vehicle that was allegedly parked illegally in a no parking zone. Police responded, located the vehicle's owner and warned them about parking in the no parking area.

7/30 Citizen assist: Police were contacted by a female who stated she had dropped her keys down the elevator shaft in City Hall. Police were able to retrieve the keys and returned them to the complainant.

7/30 Suspicious: Police observed a suspicious individual in the area of Markesan Elementary School. Police made contact with the individual who stated they were simply walking around and wasting time until their ride arrived to pick them up. The individual agreed to leave the area and go wait somewhere else.

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