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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Trifecta of Trouble in Tidewater

Years ago, Mike & I lived in Norfolk, Virginia. We became friends with another Mike & Gail, natives of the Tidewater area. We moved back home to Wisconsin in 1975, but have stayed in contact with them, yo, all these many years. They are retired, eccentric old hippies.

A few days ago, an earthquake hit Virginia. My Mike called to see how our friends were doing, but all the phone circuits were busy.

Now, we hear that Hurricane Irene is headed their way. The Outer Banks are being evacuated, and Mike and Gail have a second home there on the water.

Finally my Mike got through last night on the phone.

Yup, our friends felt the earthquake ("I was rolling one and it fell right out of my hand"). And their son was at the beach house yesterday but he was getting the heck out as of this morning.

Last, our friend Mike added, "Have you heard about the fire?"

"What fire?"

"The Dismal Swamp in North Carolina caught on fire. The peat has been burning for a couple of weeks. It's twelve miles from our house."

Maybe it helps to be eccentric at a time like this.  Good luck, Mike & Gail!

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