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Monday, July 11, 2011

Just back from vacay - now I need one!

Just spent 11 days at our trailer on Little Green Lake. It's 1:30 pm on Monday and I still haven't washed up. I'm avoiding my own armpits. Thank God I don't teach until tomorrow.

When you return from vacation, it's a grand victory just to:
1. Go through the mail & newspapers.
2. Sort any bills that must be paid pronto.
3. Wash clothes.
4. Change the (ew) cat litter.
5. Unpack food, clothing, bikes, etc.
6. Listen to stored-up phone messages (if you have a land line). Take notes. Call back any ones that can't wait.
7. Go through e-mail.

Add to that the UN-necessary:

1. Go through FACEBOOK! Okay that was fun.
2. Munch from a BIG fridge! Nothing like home.
3. Take in a movie.

... Ah. The Sunday night back-from-up-north MOVIE. This is Mike's and my fave way to AVOID WORK AT ALL COSTS. We do the bare minimum settling-in & then see what's playing at the multiplex.

Summer movies are always the same: super-hero stuff, blockbusters with lots of explosions, and sophomoric comedies.

We opted for "Bridesmaids," which I'd been avoiding cuz I read about the prolonged food poisoning scene (pooping and puking, yuk). I took a deep breath & went in. I covered my eyes for most of the food poisoning scene, although once I peeked through my fingers and saw something that made me yack right there. I didn't actually upchuck in the theatre, but I did that loud gagging thing. I think Mike, sitting next to me right in my path, was worried.

Only two other movies had that yacking effect on me: "Night of the Living Dead" when the zombie was tearing meat from the leg bone of a dead human, and "Midnight Cowboy" when the guy (Joe Buck? Angelina Jolie's dad) was working as a prostitute and smashed a john's face with a phone receiver and the guy's false teeth fell out.

Blogging is great avoidance too. Thus this.

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